Events Board

The Ohio Scholars’ Association places an emphasis on serving the community and teaching students about leadership. Affiliates of OSA are suggested to hold events that represent those tenets during the school year

Here, you can share ideas with fellow OSA affiliates.

Desk Cleaning & Recycling: Each week, the students of the Carey affiliate clean the desks in the high school/middle school wing to prevent the spread of diseases and to help out the teachers. The students also recycle any papers placed in the recycling bins throughout the school.

Working the FFA Banquet: In April, the members of the Carey affiliate worked the school’s FFA Banquet to raise funds. The students helped with dishing up and serving desserts, tearing down the event and cleaning up, and organizing any leftover materials.

Fundraising with a Talent Show:

The past two years, the Centerburg affiliate of OSA has held a fundraiser titled “Mr. Trojan”. It is essentially a beauty pageant for male students at the school, all in good fun. The contestants are judged in three categories: Beachwear; talent, the largest portion of the performance; and a formal wear/ Q&A session. The students are judged by a panel made up of school staff. The event has proven to be a large success for the Centerburg affiliate.

Reaching out to the Community: Centerburg affiliate decorated the village Christmas tree with the heart of Ohio women’s club.

Leadership Workshop: Four OSA schools met at Gilead Christian High School in November for a Leadership Workshop that the Student Board planned and conducted, with assistance from advisers. Students learned how to identify their own leadership styles, and then they explored using those styles to accomplish tasks as teams. They came away with a greater understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses and a better appreciation for the contributions that people with other strengths can make.