OSA Constitution

Ohio Scholars’ Association Constitution

Section 1: OSA Board of Directors

  1. The control of the organization shall be vested in the Board of Directors.
  2. The board of directors shall consist of five members. The selection of members shall be made in accordance with the procedures set forth in the Bylaws.
  3. Board members are expected to contribute to the needs of the organization in accordance with their abilities and expertise.

Section 2: OSA Adviser Board

  1. The Adviser Board will serve as a liaison between the students and the Board of Directors and will give input from an adviser and school perspective.
  2. The Adviser Board is responsible for the day-to-day operations and decisions of the organization.

Section 3: OSA Student Board

  1. The Student Board will provide a student perspective on OSA decisions and activities. The other two boards should be cognizant of these students’ input.

Section 4: Affiliates

  1. Any secondary public school is eligible to apply to incorporate as a local affiliate. Nonpublic secondary schools accredited or approved by the Ohio Department of Education or by accrediting agencies approved by the OSA Board are eligible to apply for a charter for a local chapter.
  2. Duly incorporated affiliates shall conform to this Constitution as set forth by the Board of Directors. Failure to do so may result in the loss of affiliation.

Section 5: Affiliate Adviser

1. The affiliate adviser shall be responsible for the direct, day-to-day supervision of the chapter and act as liaison between faculty, administration, students, and community.

2. The adviser shall keep the school administration informed about the activities of the affiliate, especially the selection and non-selection of individual members. The principal may reserve the right to approve activities and decisions of the affiliate.

Section 6: Faculty Advisory Board

  1. The Faculty Advisory Board, composed of three or five members, shall meet at least once a year to review the procedures of the chapter, select members, and to consider non-selection, dismissal, other disciplinary actions, and warning cases.
  2. The Faculty Advisory Board will develop and revise these policies when necessary, all of which may be in compliance with this Constitution and Ohio Scholars’ Association policies.

Section 7: Individual Membership

  1. Members will be selected upon demonstration of academic excellence, community involvement, integrity, and student involvement as defined in the Bylaws and by other requirements described in the Bylaws.
  2. A description of the selection procedure must be available to all students and parents at the school.
  3. The adviser shall notify students who are not selected and shall do so in a timely manner.

Section 8: Discipline and Dismissal

  1. The Faculty Advisory Board, in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Ohio Scholars’ Association, shall determine the procedure for discipline or dismissal. A written description of the dismissal procedure shall be available to interested parties.

Section 9: Amendments

  1. Amendments to this Constitution may be made at a meeting or via consent in lieu of meeting of a majority of the members of the Board of Directors, the Adviser Board, and the Student Board.

Adopted August 31, 2015